IC-601: Combination pH Electrode for Gastroesophageal
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IC-601: Combination pH Electrode for Gastroesophageal

This is the smallest commercially available electrode that requires no reference.

Calibration and Use:
1. Connect the pH electrode to the BNC Input of a pH meter.
2. Place electrode tip in pH 7.00 buffer and set the meter to pH 7.00.
3. Then calibrate in pH 4.00 or pH 10.00 buffer.

1. Response Time: About 10 seconds, in a well stirred solution.
2. Stability: Within 0.05pH/day.
3. Slope: Over 55mV/pH in the pH range of 1-14.
4. Impedance: Typically 300 Meg-Ohm.
5. The O.D. of the electrode and the flex tubing is only 1.7mm.

1. This pH electrode is prefilled with the reference solution.
2. To refill, open the luer cap and use a syringe filled with the solution, and inject it through the port of the tee until the tee is filled. Then secure luer cap into the tee fitting.
3. Store electrode dry.

WARNING: Excessive heat (over 60° Celsius) will permanently damage electrode.