IC-3001: Ion Electrode in 20G Stainless Tube
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IC-3001: Ion Electrode in 20G Stainless Tube

This electrode requires an external reference. Specialty Sensors Reference Electrode IC-001 (or custom) is recommended.

Calibration and Use:
1. Connect the Ion electrode to the female pin of the cable provided.
2. Connect the BNC of the cable to a standard pH meter.
3. Attach the reference electrode to either the outer shell of BNC or the ground of the pH meter.
4. Choose the mV mode and plot ion concentration vs. corresponding mV values.
5. Generate the calibration curve for the electrode by using two solutions of known concentrations of the specific ion, either Ca++ or K+.

1. Each electrode contains either Ca++ or K+ sensor.
2. Response Time: About 10 seconds in a well stirred solution.
3. Slope: Over 55mV for Potassium and 28mV for Calcium.
4. Impedance: Typically 10 Meg-Ohm.

After every use, rinse the tip in distilled water and store dry.

WARNING: Do not allow tip to come in contact with a hard surface.