IC-401: Combination pH Electrode in 20G Needle
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IC-401: Combination pH Electrode in 20G Needle

Calibration and Use:
1. Connect the pH electrode to the BNC Input of a pH meter.
2. Place the tip of the electrode in pH 7.00 buffer and set the meter to pH 7.00.
3. Then calibrate in pH 4.00 or pH 10.00 buffer.

1. Response Time: About 10 seconds, in a well stirred solution.
2. Stability: Within 0.05pH/day.
3. Slope: Over 55mV/pH in the pH range of 1-14.
4. Impedance: Typically 300 Meg-Ohm.

1. This electrode is prefilled with the reference solution.
2. If the tip of the reference electrode becomes blocked, open the luer cap and apply a slight pressure through the luer port. The reference solution will appear at the tip. Fill tee fitting and put luer cap back in its place.
3. After each use, rinse the tip in distilled water and store in the needle cap filled with reference solution.
4. If the pH readout is unstable, do the following:
  • Wrap aluminum foil around the pH electrode. The foil should be a few inches away from the electrode.
  • Attach one alligator clip to the aluminum foil and the other clip to the ground of the pH meter.