IC-101: Single pH Electrode in 25G Needle
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IC-101: Single pH Electrode in 25G Needle

This pH electrode is the smallest sensor that requires an external reference. It causes minimal tissue damage and provides on-line monitoring of tissue, muscular and vascular pH.

Calibration and Use:
1. Connect the pH electrode to the BNC Input of a pH meter.
2. Connect the alligator clip of the reference electrode to either the outer shell of the BNC or the ground of the pH meter.
3. Place the tips of the electrodes in pH 7.00 buffer and set the meter to pH 7.00.
4. Then calibrate in pH 4.00 or pH 10.00 buffer.

1. Response Time: About 20 seconds, in a well stirred solution.
2. Stability: Within 0.05pH/day.
3. Slope: Over 55mV/pH in the pH range of 1-14.
4. Impedance: Typically 1500 Meg-Ohm, hence it is quite sensitive to movements. This causes noise, which can be eliminated by covering the experimental setup with grounded aluminum foil.
5. The use of Specialty Sensors Reference electrode IC-001 is highly recommended.

After each use, rinse the tip in distilled water and store dry.