IC-1001: Carbon Dioxide Electrode
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IC-1001: Carbon Dioxide Electrode

Calibration and Use:
1. Connect CO2 electrode to the BNC connector of a standard pH meter.
2. Produce a calibration curve for % CO2 vs. mV using the mV mode on the pH meter.
3. The calibration curve can be generated by using two known concentrations of CO2 standards.

1. Response Time: About 30 seconds in a well stirred solution.
2. Stability: Within 0.05pH/day.
3. Slope: Over 50mV/pH in the pH range of 1-14.
4. Impedance: Typically 300 Meg-Ohm.

1. This electrode is prefilled with the CO2 solution.
2. If the response time of the electrode increases, remove the luer cap and apply a slight pressure through the luer port. The solution will appear at the vent. Fill the tee fitting with solution provided and close the luer cap.
3. After each use, rinse the tip in distilled water and store wet in the cap provided.